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 Molly Weasley (the second)

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PostSubject: Molly Weasley (the second)   Mon Jul 26, 2010 5:29 am

Knock, Knock

Who’s There?
Name: Molly Weasley
Nicknames: Mols
Age: 15
Year: 5
Gender: female
House: Gryffindor
Blood Status: pureblood
Era: Next
Face Claim: Karen Gillan

When You Were Young
Family: Percy Weasley, 42, Gryffindor. Audrey Cornfoot Weasley, 40, Hufflepuff. Lucy Olivia Weasley, 13, Gryffindor. A plethora of cousins, aunts, and uncles.

Personality: Molly is no exception to the cliche of the fiery redhead. She can have a bit of a temper if you rile her up, and it is likely for things to get quite ugly. But, beyond the times when someone has pushed her far, far past her limits, Molly is perfectly polite and rarely makes a fuss over anything, since she was raised to see it as pointless and troublesome. She does have the rare adventure during the summer, thanks to her much more open and fun-loving sister, Lucy. Being more prone to long, dusty books and quiet pasttimes, Mols sometimes wonders why she weren't put in Ravenclaw, instead of Gryffindor where everyone seems to be full of chivalry. She has all of their energy, certainly, but she rarely puts it to use in the ways that they do, instead using it to get ahead in classes and have innocent fun with her friends. Despite being an overall calm person, if she is excited about something, bet on her jumping up and down and making some odd noises; she's easily over-exciteable.
Molly is excellent at classes like Arithmancy, Herbology, and History of Magic that require nothing more than a good mind and hard work. Magical classes, however, tend to give her a problem as she has a keen case of performance anxiety when it comes to using spells in class.

History: Molly grew up in a very strutctured household. Her father, bent on working his way up in the Ministry, was just as orderly at home as he was at his job. Her mother Audrey was a lot warmer, but had the same sense of propriety and discipline. Thusly, Molly grew up with a strong idea of right and wrong and developed the idea that going against the grain at anything was utterly preposterous. This was balanced, of course, by the time she spent with her aunts, uncles, and cousins, most of whom were all quite a bit more free-spirited than she was. Through her cousins, she also met Lysander and Lorcan Scamander, who became another fairly regular fixture in life. Her life at school has been relatively uneventful. She hangs out with a few of her cousins occasionally, and her sister and the Scamanders quite a bit more often, particularly Lorcan.

This Is Your Life
Likes: cool and cold weather, extra credit work, dancing (although that's a bit of a secret)
Loves: her sister, and the rest of her gigantic family; cooking
Dislikes: troublemakers, being late, fighting
Loathes: doing magic in front of people, being in what feels like the wrong house
Wishes: To just be NORMAL, instead of having mad, wild things in her life.
Fears: that she won't succeed because of her fear of public magic, that she will one day blow up bad enough that she would lose her friends
Secrets: She has a bit of crush on Lysander Scamander, which has been left over, she supposes, from childhood.
Random Fact: She isn't self-conscious about her looks at all; she's actually rather proud to be ginger and loves her freckles. She can't imagine herself any other way.

Somebody Told Me
Name: Ellei
Age: college. -_-
Rp experience: myriads
Contacting: I'll speak to you when I want to.
Other Characters: THIS IS MY FIRST WEASLEY. I'm so proud.


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Molly Weasley (the second)
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