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 Linne Harland

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PostSubject: Linne Harland   Sun May 16, 2010 8:15 am

Knock, Knock

Who’s There?
Name: Linnie Michelle Harland
Nicknames: Linn
Age: 15
Year: 5th
Gender: Female
House: Gryffindor
Blood Status: Muggleborn
Era: Next
Face Claim: Maggie Gyllenhaal(Who is the picture of?)

When You Were Young
Family: Marissa Harland, 31, Muggle; father unknown
Personality: Linnie is a rather spiteful little thing. She knows she’s gotten the shorter stick with life and she’s bitter for that reason. She hates how the way she talks makes her sound uneducated, but that’s just what she grew up around and she really had no choice in the matter. She tries to learn as much as she can to compensate. But, at the same time she really is just a troublemaking street kid.
History: Linn grew up in a really poor area, surrounded by bad things like alcohol and drugs and promiscuity. Her mother is a high school dropout, having Linn at the age of 16, and never making anything productive of her life. This area was a completely Muggle area, so when Linnie learned she was magical she called it all a joke. But then a professor from Hogwarts showed up and talked to her and her mum about it. Linn couldn’t really believe it at first; she had a chance to make something of herself. She went to school where she was sorted into Gryffindor, which seemed to be one of the more popular houses (ick). But she quickly learned that the way she talked was not the proper way, as she was basically the only person in the school who talked the way she did. People mocked her constantly. So Linn started making trouble, which served to land her in a nearly constant stream of detentions.

This Is Your Life
Likes: causing trouble
Loves: bettering herself just that much more; saying stuff in proper English
Dislikes: detentions
Loathes: people picking on her because of her accent
Wishes: that her life were better; to accomplish more than her mum ever did
Fears: that she’ll end up just like her mother
Secrets: she enjoys judging people, because they judge her
Random Fact: She’s got a cockney accent.

Somebody Told Me
Name: Meh
Age: Mehh
Rp experience: Mehhh
Contacting: Mehhhh
Other Characters: Mehhhhh


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