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 Rani Malik

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PostSubject: Rani Malik   Tue Mar 02, 2010 3:06 am

Knock, Knock
* Rani-Sitara-Malik*

Oh, Baby Let Me In!
Name: Rani Malik
Nicknames: N/A
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Blood Status: Pureblood; enough said
Era: Next
Face Claim: Priyanka Chopra

It’s All About Us
-Vivek Malik, father, 45, Slytherin
-Avanti Malik, mother, 44, Ravenclaw
-Kumari Malik, sister, 14, Slytherin
Personality: Rani is a rather hard-working person most days. Other days she just feels like blowing everything off and sleeping. In order for her to want to work, however, she needs motivation. The degree of motivation is rather flexible. It can be for something of personal triumph, or something more materialistic. But she has to gain something for her to want to work. Otherwise she has to force herself to do anything, and that puts her in a sour mood.

She can be a rather sour individual as well, if someone manages to get on her bad side, which overall isn't a difficult feat as Rani has been known to have a quick temper, although, it has dimmed down quite a bit over the years.

When it comes to people, Rani has the social skills that were drilled into her by her parents when she was a child, but she prefers to avoid interaction if at all possible. People are just too annoying most times to tolerate.

I’m Just a Kid
Family’s History: The Maliks are an old pureblooded Indian family, going back for generations. They lived in India for many years before going to England where they still reside. Vivek Malik, the current head of the family, is a successful man, continuing on his family's business. He married Avanti Gupta, the daughter of the head of another old Indian family, at the age of 23, and now has two daughters, Rani and Kumari.
Childhood: Rani very much enjoyed being an only child, having all of her parents' attention, and then when she was 5 her little sister Kumari was born. Rani didn’t' like this very much, as the attention was deducted from her, but Rani got over this, moving onto become an independent child. She was never very close to her sister, and probably never will be. As much as the two of them are similar they are also very much different. Rani aspired, after Kumari's birth, to set herself apart from her family, for whatever reason her young mind had at the time. Perhaps it was to get the attention back to her, although, that didn't work out the way she thought it would.

School Daze
Hogwarts House: Slytherin
Friends and Foes: At school, Rani had every chance to be a very popular girl, but she chose not to be. She kept a few friends, but other than that was on her own most of the time.
My Report Card:
-Favorite (and best): Potions
-Least favorite (and worst): History of Magic
-NEWTS: Potions (O), Ancient Runes (O), Charms (E), Transfiguration (E), History of Magic (A), Herbology (A)

School’s Out Forever
Higher Education: After deciding what job she wanted in her fifth year in the career discussion, upon the completion of her schooling, Rani headed off to the Ministry to become and Unspeakable, going through all necessary procedures to obtain the job.
The Daily Grind: Unspeakable
Romance: Jagjit Krishna, 19, together for 3 years

The Diary Pages
Likes: Reading, a challenge
Loves: Potions, the stars
Dislikes: Herbology, boring stuff
Loathes: History, caramel
Wishes: To be successful in a way that's different than her family.
Fears: She fears that she will disgrace herself in her line of work.
Secrets: Her work basically.
Random Fact: Rani really enjoyed Astronomy in school, but saw no real need for it in her life. She does continue to read books on the subject, however.

Don’t Play Games With Me
Name: Tsuki
Age: 17
Rp experience: Hrm
Contacting: Meh
Other Characters: Too maaaaaannyyyyy


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PostSubject: Re: Rani Malik   Tue Mar 02, 2010 3:14 am

ACCEPTED! (just because I love doing that)


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Rani Malik
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