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 Santi Giordano

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PostSubject: Santi Giordano   Mon Mar 01, 2010 6:23 am

Knock, Knock
*Santi Shayne Giordano*

Oh, Baby Let Me In!
Name: Santi Giordano
Nicknames: She had a few in school, including Gio, but now she goes by Santi.
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Blood Status: Half-blood; her mother is a witch, her father is an Italian architect
Era: Next
Face Claim: Monica Bellucci

It’s All About Us
Family: Mother - Halia Giordano nee MacDougal, deceased, Ravenclaw. Father - Marcello Giordano, age 48, Muggle. Brothers (twins) - Dante and Elio Giordano, age 18, Hufflepuff. Sister - Marcella “Chela” Giordano, age 16, Ravenclaw.
Personality: Santi is an extremely hard worker who can’t stand to see knowledge or ability wasted. This shows particularly in her relationship with her sister Chela, as the whole family sees her as a bit of a slacker, taking only 4 NEWT classes. Santi isn’t actually very intelligent, at least in her own eyes; she simply does what she sets her mind to. She is actually quite talented at languages, which is partially due to her father teaching her to understand Italian by sight and by ear. She has always been very close with him, but she has especially begun to cling to him since her mother died when she was 17. It is very hard for her not to talk to her father about the things she does every day, as he is intrigued by magic itself and particularly in the runes and ancient spells she researches.

Santi is very protective but is also very hard on her brothers and sisters, expecting them to apply themselves as much as she always did. She takes all of their failures to heart as her own personal fault and wishes that she could help them more. Her job now takes up so much of her time that she rarely sees her family, especially Elio and Dante, who both travel a lot as a dragon tamer and a beater for Puddlemere United, respectively.. Santi has a big heart but is afraid to really be attached to anyone since her mother’s death. She doesn’t realize this, however, because she doesn’t remember being very close with her mother at all.

Santi gets along well with people she knows, but she is often a little shy around strangers. This doesn’t produce much of a problem in her job since she is often left alone to work on her assignments, but it does keep her from having many friends. Once she does warm up to someone, though, she becomes very protective of them but also very paranoid. She is always afraid that her friendship with someone may be one-sided and that they secretly think badly of her.

I’m Just a Kid
Family’s History: Marcello Giordano was an impressive young upstart in the world of architecture when he met Halia, a girl a few years younger than him but an easy match for him in intelligence. He worked his way up in the English firm that he had been hired onto after receiving an internship there due to his excellent grades in his early years at university. They were very quickly married, and when Halia found herself pregnant with Marcello’s child, she revealed a secret that she knew could affect the life of their children. Halia MacDougal was born a Pureblood witch and had attended Hogwarts, where she’d earned 8 NEWTs, all O’s or E’s. Her husband, although surprised and confused by this news, appreciated his wife’s broad range of knowledge and, in a spark of inspiration, hired her on at the firm that he was now a partner at, at the age of 28. So, it came to be that Halia and Marcello mixed both their marriage and their careers with hard work and magic, giving both success.
Childhood: Santi was an easy first child, never too fussy or ill, and her parents were overwhelmingly excited about how quickly she grew. She does not remember the birth of her twin brothers, as she was only two, but she has a vague recollection of her sister Marcella (named for her father) being born. They were well-off in their childhood, between the inheritance that Halia received when her parents died and the impressive amounts of money that Marcello earned with each of his buildings and bridges. Halia never really talked about magic much when the children were young as she thought it would be best to wait and see if any of them didn’t develop it, or even, quite possibly, if none of them did. Luckily, all of her children turned out magical, and when Santi was nine she began to tell them stories of the world that she’d grown up with, showing them spells and charms and telling them of Hogwarts, the place that would prepare them for their life away from home. Santi learned to speak a little bit of Italian from her father, but not much. However, she can understand it very well by ear and can read it fairly well also.

School Daze
Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff
Friends and Foes: Santi made friends easily in her first year of school, but she later found it hard to branch out and make acquaintances outside of her social group. She was considered a nerd and people often forgot that she was not, in fact, a Ravenclaw. Her little group of friends, however, consisted of students from every class who were eager to make good grades and liked to talk about their schoolwork. Her best friend was a boy named Angelo who decided after 4 years of Hogwarts that he would rather go into Muggle pursuits, and subsequently left the school. Santi never quite developed a bond as close as that one had been again, especially after her mother died. After graduation, she has kept light contact with a few of the friends from her group, especially with the few who now work for the Ministry as well.
My Report Card: favorite subjects: Charms, Ancient Runes, History of Magic. worst subjects: Divination, Arithmancy.
NEWTs achieved: Charms (0), History of Magic (O), Transfiguration (E), Potions (E), Ancient Runes (O), Herbology (A)

School’s Out Forever
Higher Education: Santi immediately put in her application to work for the Ministry as an Unspeakable and was put through the training and vows required to keep all of her work a secret.
The Daily Grind: An Unspeakable in the Ministry of Magic, Historical Spellwork division
Romance: Santi has a very casual boyfriend named Tommaso, who her father introduced her to shortly after she graduated at the age of 17. They have been on and off since then, but they have never been very serious. Santi didn’t date in school as she was too focused on her schoolwork. (any current/past relationships)

The Diary Pages
Likes: Italian food, chitchat, her cozy little flat
Loves: languages, her family, feeling safe, being productive
Dislikes: people who think what she does is busywork, meeting hostile strangers, people who don’t apply themselves
Loathes: having to keep her work secret from her father, butterbeer, sleeping too late and feeling terrible afterwards
Wishes: Santi would really love to do something important that would both validate her personally and help the wizarding world in the process.
Fears: Santi is afraid that she will die of cancer, like her mother, before she has a chance to accomplish anything important. She is also deathly afraid of losing any of her remaining family members.
Secrets: Due to her job, Santi’s entire life is pretty much a secret.
Random Fact: One of Santi’s friends at school, Delia, was infected by a werewolf in their sixth year. She was allowed to remain at school, using a newly improved form of the wolfsbane potion. Ever since, Santi has felt a great compassion for those affected by lycanthropy.

Don’t Play Games With Me
Name: Erase All Sun
Age: 17.5
Rp experience: More than most.
Contacting: However you wish.
Other Characters: 0_o you don’t wanna know


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Santi Giordano
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