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 Ryan Jason

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PostSubject: Ryan Jason   Mon Jan 25, 2010 7:43 am

Guess Who?

Nice To Meet you
Name: Ryan
Nicknames: Ry
Age: 17
Year: Seven
Gender: Male
House: Gryffindr
Blood Status: Muggleborn.
Face Claim: Logan Lerman

Well Isn't this a surprise
Mother; Oliver, 34
Father; Darcy, whose his step dad, 36
Siblings; Ally, step sister, 5, Muggle (well I'm pretty sure she will be at least)
Personality: Ryan gets angry very easily and is easy to provoke into a fight, he is a fast runner and quick with an attack with makes him a very bad person to come up against. Though his quickness is great when he is nicking from shops. He tends to swear an awful lot and doesn't give a damn if that insults the person. He has a very, I don't give a crap, attiutide and would rather be skipping class with his best freind Aden then listening to whatever crap the teacher is coming up with. Which he does often.

History: Ryan's mum was still in school when she became pregent with Ryan and so was his father whom Ryan never met, and he doesn't want to anyway, what kind of bastard would leave his mother to look after Ryan herself when she was still in school. Expecially as her parents didn't want anything to do with her once they found out she was pregnent. His mum had to drop out of school so that she could afford things for both herself and her kid when she was born. She lived with one of her school freinds who was allso expecting a kid.

So Ryan and his mother, his mothers freind and her kid Aden. As he and Aden were only a few months age difference the two became close freinds and were like brothers as they lived together. Neither boy saw a lot of their mothers when they were younger as they had to be off working so they had enough money to look after they boys and themselves. The boys were taking with their mothers until they were around four or five when they had to be left home because theywere getting to 'old' to go with and being neusences. As they seemed to destroy everything and nearly get their Mum's fired a few times.

Ryan was at least glad that he had Aden to rely on even if they two of them got into a few fights that only resulted in both being sulky and sore. The two of them succesfully got expelled from two primary schools for fighting to the dispair of their parents and they didn't learn much at all.

They both got letters to Hogwarts and while at first they both absolutly refused to go they're parents mad them jsut so they could get a few moments peace. They were both sorted into Gryffindor.

When Ryan came home after his first year at Hogwarts he found out that his mother had a boy freind and coming home from his second year he found out that his mother now had a husband and he had a step sister. He hated his step-sister for taking the attension he got from his mother and hated his step father because he never gave Ryan any attension, wasn't a very nice guy and could be abusive. He also had to move away from living with Aden and his mother's freind because his step-father had some fancy house with lots of room and Ryan hated it.

He picked on his little sister getting his mother and the jerk she lived with annoyed, and was sent more often then not to his bedroom where he just got out the window and either disapeared for a while or just sat on the roof for a bit throwing stones. He was acutally thankful to get to Hogwarts the next year, where he could see Aden, whom he had barely seen all holidays and getting away from his crappy family.

I Never Knew
Likes: Chocolate, skipping class
Dislikes: Teachers, homework.
Loathes: His father, his step father, his step sister. Rich bratty kids.
Loves: Mum.
Enjoys: Mucking around with Aden.
Hobbies: Soccor.
Fears: That his life is going to be shit the whole way through.
Secrets: He doesn't want his mum to leave him, not matter how indifferent he seems.
Random Fact:

You Never Fooled Me
Name: Prongs
Age: 1234567890 (cause im just that cool)
Rp experience: idk a while.
Contacting: (Email, Pm) pm
Other Characters: Go find out yourself.(not requiered at first)


Prongs is made of music, waffles, and rainbows. With a dash of flamethrowers.
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Ryan Jason
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