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Slytherin and Ravenclaw are cooler than you.
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 Taylor Marice

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PostSubject: Taylor Marice   Thu Jan 21, 2010 5:05 am

Guess Who?

Nice To Meet you
Name: Taylor
Nicknames: Tay
Age: 23
Year: N/A
Gender: Female
House: Ravenclaw
Blood Status: Half, both her parents were magical but her mother mother was a Muggle born.
Era: Harry, she was in her sixth year when harry was in his first.
Face Claim: Clair Danes

Well Isn't this a surprise
Mother; Mira, Ravenclaw, Deceased.
Father; Albert, Hufflepuff, Deceased
Siblings; Ami and Colin- 7-Twins.

Personality: Taylor's personality really depends on her mood and the time of day. She is usaully grumpy in the mornings and can be very snappish and bad to be around. She's most awake at night time and that is when she gets her best thinking done. Usaully she is quiet and likes to keep everyone calm but will accionally snap at those who get on her nerves. She can have quite a temper but that doesn't usaully come out. Taylor can get very hyped aswell and it is generally a good idea to keep her away from sugary foods as they just fuel the fire.

She also has a weird sense of style but hey. It's cool. She wears a lot of random accesories aswell.

Taylor grew up half in the wizarding world and half in the Muggle. Her mother had a Muggle job, she was a nurse and her father was a healer in the wizarding causing them both to bicker about which way to heal things was better and definetly steering Taylor off that job, not that she had ever really wanted to be one anyway.

Taylor's parents died shortly after she had finished school, leaving Taylor to look after her two younger siblings who were only a year or so of age. They were around five years old. So looking after her younger siblings while working became a difficult feat but she managed, expeically as her parents had left them quite a bit of money. Growin up her parents had told Taylor stories about the previous war and so when Voldemort came back to power Taylor joined the Order of the Phoenix, although she finds some of the other members very irritating.

Taylor has a small shop in diagon ally, which is really just a shop full of random but cool looking crap and Taylor enjoys the job.

I Never Knew
Likes: Sugary foods.
Dislikes: Having to look after her younger siblings after her parents died. She loves them but wishes she didn't have to look after them.
Loathes: Big headed idiots.
Loves: Her siblings.
Enjoys: Her job. Drawing.
Hobbies: Drawing.
Fears: That something will happen to her younger siblings while they're at Hogwarts.
Random Fact: Taylor has a small black cat named Nic, who she loves.

You Never Fooled Me
Name: Cj
Age: 13
Rp experience: year
Contacting: pm
Other Characters: A lot.


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Taylor Marice
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