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 Lucy Prince

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PostSubject: Lucy Prince   Fri Sep 04, 2009 8:48 am

Guess Who?

Nice To Meet you
Name: Lucy
Nicknames: Luc
Age: 13 (just)
Year: 3
Gender: Female
House: Slytherin
Blood Status: Pure (or so her family claims)

Era: Harry
Face Claim: Georgia Henly

Well Isn't this a surprise
Family: Rosa Prince, (Mother) Slytherin, Stephan Prince (Dad) Slytherin, Erik (brother) 14 Slytherin, Her mum and Severus Snape are also cousins.
Personality: Lucy is sarcastic in nature but also very friendly to people she knows and cares about, mostly her freinds. She likes to learn and furthur her studies but also spends alot of time just relaxing. She always has a small notebook with her that she got for her birthday where she can jot down things when they come to her which is quite often, she makes enemies just as quickly as she makes freinds though probably faster, getting on her badside is not something smart to do (expecially whenshe is holding something hard like a book) and most people know not to cross her, she has a sarcastic comment to just about everything and will say them to her freinds aswell as enemies. She loves her freinds to the end of the world and back and will stick up for them no matter what.
History: Lucy grew up in quite a nice house in the English countryside, it isn't preciesly big but perfect but a four person family, her family is deeply Muggle Preudice which is why she had never meet her Mum's cousin Severus Snape until she started school, she of course didn't know she was related to him but he did and took quite a liking to the studius girl who was definetly a Slytherin at heart, nearing the end of her second year Lucy put two and two together and found out that she was related to Severus, she then wrote home and demanded to know why she had never been told about him before, her dad's reply was "His family is unpure," Which Lucy didn't find a good enough reason and the little hostility she had to Muggle Borns then left her, she realised that it doesn't matter what blood type you have, magic matters more.

I Never Knew

Likes: Rain, Warmth, Fires, Family
Dislikes: Muggleborn hostility, unnessesary work.
Loathes: Walking long distances,
Loves: Reading, Writing, freinds.
Enjoys: Swimming
Hobbies: Writing
Fears: War,
Secrets: She doens't really have any, there is nothing she thinks or has done that someone else doesn't know.
Random Fact: Her favourite class is DADA followed by Potions.

You Never Fooled Me

Name: Cj
Age: 13
Rp experience: idk a while?
Contacting: pm
Other Characters: Go figure out yourself.


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PostSubject: Re: Lucy Prince   Tue Oct 13, 2009 6:02 pm

hmm is she the actor that plats Lucy Pevensie from Chronicles of Narnia?
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Lucy Prince
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