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 Evelyn Rosier

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PostSubject: Evelyn Rosier   Sun Jul 26, 2009 10:02 am

Guess Who?

Nice To Meet you
Name: Evelyn Rosier
Nicknames: Eve
Age: 17
Year: 7
Gender: Female
House: Slytherin
Blood Status: Pure, of course (Pure, Half, Muggle born)[/

Era: Death Eater era (Harry or Next)
Face Claim: Helena Bonham Carter (Who is the picture of?)

Well Isn't this a surprise
Family: (Age Name House (if they went to Hogwarts)) mother: Amalthea Rosier (née Montague), 37, Slytherin. father: Janek Rosier, 42, attended Durmstrang. sister: Brygid Kaline Rosier, 14, Slytherin. brother: Teodor Aleksy Rosier, 10, will attend Durmstrang.
Personality: (doesn't need to be too long but dont write a few sentances) Eve is an impulsive, talkative girl who always has a lot going around in her head. She doesn't consider herself very pretty or funny but finds that she makes up for it in will and talent. She has the tendency to seek out people or ideas that she finds suitable, and is very dedicated to any cause that she discovers. Her teachers consider her pleasant as she is generally ebullient around them, but some consider her a bit dim due to her habit of following things blindly. This is what led her to Tom Riddle and his cause when she was just beginning school. Even as a young girl, she knew how to latch herself on to those who will go far. Part of her admires Tom for his beliefs and his power. She goes along with his ideals not because they really mean much to her, but because Tom does. She knows that she is not really his friend, but one of his many followers, and that is enough for her. She knows that he will get ahead in life and that she will follow behind him.
History: (Same as abouve I'm sure something has happened in your character's life) Eve was raised by her mother and father in Poland until the age of 10, when they moved to Scotland to be ready for her entrance into Hogwarts. Her father's family is Polish and her brother and sister have traditional Polish names, but her mother insisted on naming one of their children on her own. Eve loved Poland and sometimes wishes that her name reflected her culture there more. She, her brother, and her sister were all quite spoiled and given everything they could want. Eve's mother is a cold and distant woman but her father Janek spends all of his spare time helping his children get ahead in life. He is the reason that Eve speaks several languages, Polish, German, and Italian among them. She and her sister were close when they were younger, but Eve considers Brygid lazy and not determined enough, so has begun to ignore her more and more. She seems more of herself in her brother Teodor and during the summer she helps him control his magic even though he doesn't have a wand. She hopes that he will be more like herself and her father than Brygid or their mother. Eve does fairly well in her classes but doesn't let on as to how good with magic she actually is. She is actually quite advanced for her age and suspects this may be one of the reasons that Tom keeps her around, along with her dedication to him.

I Never Knew

Likes: foreign languages, researching magic, exerting power over Tom's younger followers
Dislikes: being alone for too long, her sister
Loathes: laziness, people who are happy to just get by
Loves: not letting on how smart she really is,
Enjoys: spending time with her brother and father, when Tom actually discusses things with her
Hobbies: developing new magic and magical theories, observing other students
Fears: that she will become a useless housewife like her mother
Secrets: She's got a good head on her shoulders, but even the most reasonable of girls would find Tom Riddle a charming and handsome young man Wink
Random Fact: Sometimes she misses Poland and wishes that she could return.

You Never Fooled Me

Name: Ellei/Moony
Age: 16
Rp experience: a year or so before, here, erm...however long I've been here? XD
Contacting: (Email, Pm) yadadyadyada I'm an admin
Other Characters: (not requiered at first) a boatload of Malfoys, Moony McMoonykins, other unofficial charries without apps



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Evelyn Rosier
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