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 Vena Riddle

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PostSubject: Vena Riddle   Sat Mar 28, 2009 11:37 am

Guess Who?

Nice To Meet you
Name:Venomous Riddle
Nicknames: Vena, Ven, V
Blood Type: Half

Era: Next
Face Claim: Ashley Green.

Well Isn't this a surprise
Family:Tom Riddle (Voldemort)Not aging Slytherin,
Francine, Dead, Slytherin.

Personality: Vena has a hot temper and flares up easily but wouldn't you if you had been hated all your life for your dad? She doesn't get on well with people (surprise Surprise) and most of the students are scared of her. People think She's a Pure Blood (because her mother was and Tom supposedly is) but is still disliked among slytherins.The only reason she goes to school every year is beucase of the Chamber she loves spending time in there.

Vena grew up in an orphanage, her mother having died in childbirth and her dad supposedly dead, which of course he wasn't. Cause if he was, Vena wouldn't be here. She grew up in a Muggle Orphanage in London and from the start wasn't very sociable.

She tended to stay to herself rather than be with the other kids. Her full name being Venomous was a factor that seemed to cause the kids to stay away from her as well, once they were of the age to actually understand what the word was and what it means. And so Vena didn't start of on the best terms with them all.

She got used to blending into the background as a child because there were many other children around and well, she didn't like that but wasn't the type to go around brandishing a stick and declare she wanted attention. When she was around four, a snake somehow found its way into the garden of the orphanage and Vena much to the shock of the other children and the adults managed to lull it out, to Vena she was only speaking to it, but to everyone else was battering on in some foreign language. This was when Vena first decided she liked snakes, there was something about them that she found calming even if everyone else around her found them terrifying. She got scolded by the Matron there for touching Snakes but Vena wasn't really listening, she was more caught up in her own little world. While most children of that age wanted a puppy Vena decided she wanted a snake, which was obviously not accepted. Even cats and dogs weren't allowed in the Orphanage. Around this age was when she made her nickname, Vena, and it took quite a lot of work, yelling and ignoring people for them to call her that as well. They were just so used to her full name. Which Vena detested, she later wondered why it had taken her till she was six to change it, though for a while she didn't fully understand what the word was and meant, she just thought it was a weird name.

Around the age of six, her other magical abilities seemed to manifestor, nothing harmful, she didn't bode anyone harm, but more so causing things to spin out of control. Odd things tended to happen around the orphanage at that time, items disappeared, to reappear a week or so later in the most obscure places, objects floated around. The children let their imaginations run wild at this, most thinking ghosts haunted the place and others pretending they had magical powers. Vena had no idea she was doing it, but found the idea of magic captivating. Like the other children did.

When she was eleven and sometime around July, August someone came to visit Vena at the Orphanage. At this stage, she was quite a nice young girl, maybe slightly lonely, but fairly happy. Or as happy as a lonely famlyless girl could be. That visitor from Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry caused everything to blow up in her face. She was told she was a witch, Vena first disbelieved the lady who was telling her, while the thought of magic captivated her, she didn't really believe in. It was a tale to tell children. Wasn't it? It was in fact not. Though Vena still remained sceptic throughout the meeting. Even more so when the person told her that her father had once been, meaning that he was now dead, a dark lord content on taking over the world.

She continued to be sceptic about her father even after the lady had proved magic existed. She'd randomly created a cushion out of no-where, though Vena was still doubtful that she was magical. She also wondered why this lady wanted her to come to this odd magic school when her father had 'supposedly' be a crazy nutcase who tried to take over the world. Though she never asked. Playing along with the fact that she was indeed this mad hatters daughter she demanded, this was probably the first time she had demanded anything, to know what this lady could tell her about him. She refused saying she couldn't but told her that at some random magically bookshelf she could probably find a few dozen books about him.

Vena was still doubtful but she wanted to find out about this supposed dark lord that people didn't like saying the name of. Which Vena found incredibly stupid. What's wrong with saying someone's actual name? Which in fact made her a hypocrite because she detested people calling her by her full name.

Vena decided that going to this magic school had to be better than staying at the stupid orphanage she grew up in and agreed. The lady gave her money and told her how to Diagon Ally, an equivalent of a shopping centre for wizards and witches. Vena had already found the idea of magic interesting and when put into the magical world she found it even more so. It gave off a nice kind of aurora. Or well that was until she told someone her name and the person jumped to the right conclusion that she was Voldemort's daughter. Which caused Vena to believe that Voldemort really had been quite a scary guy. While at Diagon Ally, Vena got what she needed, her robes being second hand as the school hadn't given her sufficient money for any better but that was what was to be expected, and a book or so on the wars with Voldemort. She'd been given some extra money to get them.
Vena found Voldemort, or Tom as she decided to call him, Tom being his first name, a bit of a nutcase. He had tried taking over the world, twice, died once, come back to life and Vena found it all very confusing. Around that time Vena got an owl, which scared the hell out of her having never been so close to an owl before and the owl having a parcel. She didn’t really know that owls were used as a Wizarding postal service. In that parcel was a lockart. Silver with an S on it. It didn’t have a note, but on the parcel it said ‘Venomous Riddle,’ So Vena knew it was for her. Little did she know that this lockart was actually a horcrux and had an effect on her personality and slowly caused her to become more snappier and sarcastic but Vena didn’t really notice and when she did she blamed it on the fact that she didn’t get on well with the other students because of her Dad and she had never been a people person.
On the first of September Vena made her way to kings-cross and was astounded to find out that she could actually get through the wall. On that first train ride she meets James Potter, his younger sibling Albus, their cousins Rose. Scorpius Malfoy, whom she later falls for and a few other Slytherin first years who she spends the rest of her schooling life with. She was sorted into Slytherin the moment the hat hit her head and Vena did her best to ignore the whispers of the people around her. It was around then she came to realise that whom she was related to mattered more then who she really was.
It was around her first year of school she picked up the odd habit or twirling her wand. It had started off more as a comfort thing but later it was just something she tended to do. Only seeming to not when she had something pressing on her mind that she had to think about.
Vena is a fast learner and learnt her spell work pretty quickly, she also tended to study spells and stuff in her spare time because she honestly had nothing better to do, enjoyed reading and wanted to improve her magic. While reading a book on Wizarding history she realised that there was no possible way that Tom could be dead, he had 'died' around eight years before she was born and the girl came to the conclusion that he had done what he'd done when Potter was a child. Died and come back to life. Which she found kinda weird. It was also then when she found out that she was a descendent of Salazar Slytherin, which she actually found pretty cool. At that point she connected the locket and the giant S on it to Slytherin.

she went back to the Orphanage at the end of her first year but at the end of her second she didn't. Instead she went tracking over England to see if she could somehow stumble across anything about Tom who she know was positive was alive and whatever anyone said wasn't going to detour her. Not that she told anyone anyway. By the end of that summer she had found about nothing but had enjoyed herself in the process, strengthening her magic and just travelling, in that summer Vena discovered she enjoyed travelling.
In her third year Vena discovered the chamber of secrets, she liked it down there. It was quiet and just a calm place and a place no-one knew about and could get to. It became a sort of refuge for Vena, someplace she went to when she had just had enough. She got the fright of her life when she found out that there was a basilisk in it, she’d read that there was rumours that there had been, but those just rumours and those rumours even stated that Harry Potter had killed the basilisk. But here one was. Slithering in front of her. Vena still being quite scared of the snake in front of her she told it to stop and peering out of her half closed eye she found out that it had indeed stopped. She then told it to return to where it had been and the snake obliged. After taking forever to find her way and get out of the chamber, the pipe isn’t the easiest thing to climb. She went to the library and discovered that the languge that ‘allowed’ people to talk to Snakes was pastleounge, and that Salazar Slytherin had been able to do it. Vena got the impression that the ability had been passed down the line and that she could now speak it.
Somewhere around her fourth and fifth year she learnt to apperate, after a few unsuccessful but not permanent mistakes. It made travelling around a whole lot easier, around then was the first time she came face to face with Tom. She stumbled about Riddle House, mostly by accident, she also learnt how he hadn't died when he had meant to, which in a way she found amusing. Potter thought he'd been killed but he'd had another Horcrux. It was also then when Vena realised the locket she had gotten when she started Hogwarts, though she never connected the fact that the horcruxe inside of it was the reason why her personality had taken a turn for the worst.


I Never Knew

Likes:Snakes, Spell work,
Loaths: People who think she's worthless or evil cause of her name and family.
Loves:Magic, traveling,
Enjoys: Magic, traveling, learning oddlt enough.
Hobbies: Twirling things, reading.
Fears: Love
Secrets: Tom is alive.
Random Fact:She is a pastletounge

You Never Fooled Me

Rp experience:a yearish
Contacting: Pm
Other Characters: None yet(not requiered at first)

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watch her rise.

Posts : 13347
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Age : 21
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House : Slytherin

PostSubject: Re: Vena Riddle   Sat Mar 28, 2009 11:38 am

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Vena Riddle
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